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Enhancing Vocal Quality: The Power of Vocal Fold Exercises

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

When working with clients my goal is to empower voices and unlock their fullest potential. Today, I’m sharing one of the cornerstone methodologies: Vocal Function Exercises (VFEs). These exercises form an integral part of the therapy I provide to those with vocal pathologies. This can be an instrumental tool in enhancing vocal capabilities, whether it's for individuals with voice disorders, professional voice users, or those experiencing age-related changes in their voice.

Understanding Vocal Function Exercises (VFEs) VFEs aren't just exercises; they're a tailored approach designed to target and strengthen the intricate systems involved in voice production. Rooted in evidence-backed research, I integrate these exercises aiming to remediate voice disorders and elevate the vocal performance of voice users like singers.

Unveiling the Success Stories In our pursuit of optimizing vocal health, VFEs have shown tremendous success across diverse populations. From individuals seeking treatment for voice disorders to seasoned performers honing their craft, the impact of these exercises has been remarkable.

Evidence-Based Approach A recent systematic review (cited below) analyzed the efficacy of VFEs. The review highlighted the effectiveness of VFEs in enhancing the normal voice, remediating voice disorders, and addressing age-related vocal changes. What's more intriguing is how patient self-reported measures emerged as the strongest evidence for the effectiveness of these exercises.

Personalizing Therapy Our approach isn't one-size-fits-all. We tailor VFE programs to suit individual needs. Whether it's monitoring adherence or employing multi-measurement methodologies, our aim is to capture the intricacies of voice production and ensure comprehensive improvements in vocal function.

Realizing the Potential Through our collaboration with patients, we've witnessed incredible progress. VFEs have not only remediated voice disorders but have also expanded the boundaries of what our patients thought possible for their voices. From enhanced pitch range to improved airflow, these exercises are catalysts for transformative changes.

Looking Ahead At True Self Speech Therapy, our commitment to enhancing vocal performance through evidence-based methodologies is unwavering. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to continuing our research-backed practice, empowering voices, and celebrating the individuality of each voice that comes through our doors.


Angadi V, Croake D, Stemple J. "Effects of Vocal Function Exercises: A Systematic Review". J Voice. 2019 Jan;33(1):124.e13-124.e34.

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