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We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of:

Whether it is a media appearance, a well-deserved promotion, confidence while attending a networking event, or increased success with small talk and social conversation, we can help you communicate and reach your personal and professional aspirations.

Do you have difficulty getting words out or understanding what someone has said? Aphasia is difficulty understanding others and/or expressing one's self. Dysarthria is difficulty articulating your speech due to neuromuscular changes leading to slurred speech, speaking too slowly, too quickly, or too quietly. 

Do you have difficulty communicating and managing day-to-day tasks due to cognitive changes, such as after a stroke, brain injury, or COVID-19? We can help with changes in memory, attention, planning, organization and keeping yourself safely independent so you can age in place.

Parkinson's disease can affect swallowing and speech in several ways, making voices difficult to be understood by others.

Let us help you reclaim your voice through the

SPEAK OUT!®  Therapy Program by 

Parkinson Voice Project®.

Do you have difficulty chewing and/or swallowing? Do you consistently cough while eating? Do you clear your throat, choke, have unintentional weight loss, or food/liquid feeling stuck in your throat? Let us help you enjoy the foods you love.

Are you struggling to find your ideal voice?  If you're not confident in your voice, it's probably because you don't know how to shape your voice to fit you. Learn how your healthy voice can reliably affirm your gender identity.

Manual Therapy

Is it difficult to open your mouth after radiation treatment? Do you have pain while swallowing or difficulty keeping a strong voice?  There is robust evidence to support the use of manual therapy with disorders of voice, swallowing, trismus/TMJ disorder, and oral-motor/ articulation disorders.

Does your voice change or feel tired by the end of the day? Is your voice hoarse, breathy, or have tension or pain? Do you experience pitch/voice breaks? We work closely with local ENT doctors to treat a variety of vocal disorders including muscle tension dysphonia, vocal tremor, vocal fold paralysis, and spasmodic dysphonia. 

Insurance & Billing

We are currently in network with

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and

Neighborhood Health Plan of RI


We offer private pay services and if you have out of network benefits we are happy to provide you with the paperwork you need to submit a claim to your current insurer. 

We accept credit, debit, check, as well as Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.


Services - True Self Speech Therapy

free Initial consult

Learn more about what we offer with a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Services - True Self Speech Therapy


Evaluations are individualized to analyze services that may be required. A formal standardized assessment tool is chosen based on the presenting diagnosis and concerns. 

Services - True Self Speech Therapy

treatment sessions

Follow-up treatment sessions will be tailored to individual needs based on the results of the evaluation. 

I provide expert non-clinical consults for care partners and family of individuals who experience eating, cognitive or communication challenges. I provide one-on-one and group consultations to improve daily interactions while decreasing caregiver burden.

Care Partner Consultations

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